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Adelohosgi Agatahnai

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"To Know Thyself, is to to have great wealth!" -- Adelohosgi

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"To Know Thyself, is to to have great wealth!" -- Adelohosgi

Hello Friend,

I am a mother, wife, author, educator and entrepreneur. I have homeschooled for 15 years and counting. As a mother, I know and overstand that our children are the future, so it is imperative that they are taught the power of their choices through the understanding of knowledge of self and emotional intelligence. Additionally, I want children to know that cultivating and using their imagination is key to developing the world they want to live in and to love themselves is to have great health!

I've written an award-winning children's book entitled, "Joseph's Journey: When Dad Left and Never Came Back", which is about how to have that difficult talk with your child about their father being absent. (My pen name is Christina Nicole Smith) You can find that on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Walmart among others.

Also, I'm developing an online homeschooling curriculum, called "SUNSCHOOL"...If you want to partner with me to be your children's educator, I'd be honored!

You can "find" me at the above-referenced social media links, located at the top left, under my photo, for all updates!